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Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Stoke and Aneurysms

Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Start Today

Creating a new healthy-living plan is quick and easy with the simple lifestyle changes listed below and healthy diet changes. We hope you find these links and ideas helpful!

  4 Ways to Relieve Stress:   3 Easy Exercise Routines:  

1. Practice deep breathing (view how-to video from

2. Start daily meditation (view how-to video from

3. Exercise (see the right column)

4. Avoid unnecessary stress (read tips for men and women from WebMD)


1. Yoga (view a Beginner Yoga Video Series from

2. Walking (start this Beginner Walking Routine from

3. Weight Lifting (read this beginner article and watch a how-to video from

Smoking & Alcohol Help from WebMD

WebMD's Smoking Cessation Center

WebMD's Alcohol Abuse Health Center

Are you suffering from depression? Recognize the Symptoms and discuss them with your doctor.

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