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Stroke Prevention and Treatment

Rehabilitation Resources

Stroke Detection Plus is dedicated to traveling the country to provide preventative stroke screenings, but we also want to help with the recovery process. We've compiled articles and tips from expert sites, like WebMD, National Stroke Association, and the American Stroke Association, which is solely focused on reducing disability and death from stroke.

We hope you find these resources helpful whether you are recovering from carotid artery surgery, are a stroke victim, or a victims' family member offering support.

  Prevention Surgery & Treatments:   Recovering from a Stroke:  

1. Find out more about your particular surgery or treatment from the American Stroke Association

2. Tips on recovery from carotid artery surgery from

3. More stroke prevention guidelines from the National Stroke Association


1.Tips for daily living from the American Stroke Association

2. Stroke Health Center from

3. Free Subscription to Stroke Smart Magazine

A Preventative Screening Can Help Save Your Life

"In a very short time, I went from 50% blockage in my right carotid artery to 95%. I am now getting along fine after surgery." -- Stroke Detection Plus Client in Kansas

"2-3 years ago, I was fine. Now, I have a 40-50% blockage in my right cartoid artery. I am so thankful you caught this." -- Stroke Detection Plus Client in Iowa

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